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'The Code Breakers'

This three-dimensional colourful collage uses mainly found objects and is really very striking 'in the flesh'. Real photographs from 1906, the 'Code' page from a 1914 dictionary, dot dice, and two hard drive discs containing the iTunes back up files for nearly 500 CDs. Two forgotten people from over 100 years ago appear in this artwork to break the mysteries of both traditional analogue and modern digital complex codes which may then bring them back to life in the 21st Century. The extreme mirror-like surface of the drive discs also accurately reflect the viewer so they become part of the artwork too!


This piece is beautifully deep box-framed in black wood.

Bletchley Park - UK

'Sally Flies Over The Rainbow'

During my flying training at the Royal Air Force College Cranwell in the 1960s we all had a name for various aircraft we flew. They were all of course ladies and mine was always 'Sally'. As a late teenager I looked to the future as most young people do with hope and ambition and flying through the clouds over the great English countryside I felt that anything was possible and nothing was ever out of reach if you tried hard enough. In reality simple physics dictates that you can never actually fly 'over' a rainbow or even through it as it will always evade you and always be in front of you! However, for me, anything was possible back then and I always believed that Sally and I would one day fly right over that rainbow!


This collage was made using parts from the actual manual aviation computer I was issued with in the Royal Air Force along with colour plates from a 1914 dictionary and an illustration from a 1928 magazine.

Stockholm Sweden

'Sunrise' - 'Mother Earth' - 'Once in a Blue Moon' - Triptych

Tonbridge, Kent - UK

'Poker Face'

Hannover - Germany

'Once in a Blue Moon' #2

'Ahead of the Game' #2

Hannover - Germany

Hannover - Germany

'Ahead of the Game'

Teddington - UK

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