'Ahead of the Game' #4

'Ahead of the Game' #4 is an assemblage using a beautiful doll's head, Lotto pieces from the 1930s, dominoes, chess pieces, a handmade wooden body and game definitions for Chess, Poker, Roulette and Bezique, using original pages from a 1914 dictionary.


The head can be swivelled in either direction depending on where you would like the face relative to the four panels.

The piece measures 263mm high and the main body is 112mm square.

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In 1928 American composer Nacio Herb Brown published a piece of music called 'Rag Doll'. The original sheet music for this number along with a vintage puppet head from the 1920's form the basis for this whimsical, animated assemblage.


Mounted using four 1950's 'egg cup' springs onto a polished Victorian jewellery box lid, even the slightest touch of the gentleman's head will set him bouncing from side to side for quite some time!

The piece has a little secret too. The gentleman's head is mounted on a highly polished circular mirror which is in fact a computer hard drive disc containing hundreds of tracks of music between 1910 and 1945.


The piece measures 295mm high, has a maximum width of 220mm and is 142mm deep.

'The Gentleman of Note''

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Created from the casing of a Victorian eight-day clock and a rare jeweller's miniature shop display bust from around 1910 this assemblage is 'reflective' of the 1909 song 'By The Light of The Silvery Moon'. The elegant model sits and contemplates her love under her own silver moon - a Chinese Baoding ball. The highly polished mirror behind her is made from an actual backup hard-drive disc containing around 15000 tunes from my own iTunes collection - including of course 'By The Light of The Silvery Moon'!


This free-standing piece measures 397 mm high by 214 mm at the base which has a depth of 102 mm.

This is the expansion of a smaller work ('Two Hundred Minutes') this time using a vintage mahogany cigar box, a vintage Turkish Delight circular wooden box and 125Gb highly polished mirror-finish hard drive disc. Using the primary colours Red, Yellow and Blue this very striking assemblage, both colourful and tactile is entitled 'Colour Wheel' And yes, the wheel spins freely on its precision bearings!


This wall-mounted piece is 435mm tall by 150mm wide by 45mm deep.


Artists typically use red, yellow, and blue primaries arranged at three equally spaced points around their colour wheel.

'By The light of the Silvery Moon'

'Colour Wheel'

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'The Electriloquist'

Cecil Peckwater was a rather dubious character from the 1940s. He garnered fame from his travelling ventriloquist show which he performed at fairs and circuses around the country. However, he wasn't really a ventriloquist at all - he cheated - using his patented 'Electriloquist' Machine, the workings of which are clearly exposed in this piece. The invention, made from old radio parts (and a futuristic circuit board obtained using his own 'Time Machine') allowed him to artificially throw his voice via the speech generator, amplifier and multi-sensory integration engine through the little loudspeaker on the dummy's plinth.


This assemblage uses a 1930s French wooden 'Lotto' box, a 1940's radio valve, a 1920's radio transmitter's tuning coil, an antique bisque German doll's head, a circuit board from a 1980's car phone, acrylic paint etc.


The piece measures 370mm high, has a maximum width of 220mm and is 138mm deep.

£165   -  Shipping to the UK  £8.95

'Big Brother is Watching You'

Created from the casing of a Victorian eight-day clock and other vintage found objects this assemblage is about observation, the watched and the watcher and the devices employed. Using original pages from a 1914 dictionary, advertisements from a 1927 Photographic Almanac and a vintage doll’s head the piece may require more than a casual investigation on the part of the viewer. Not only is ‘Big Brother Watching You’ but the piece also invites an element of self observation and appreciation as well!


(SPOILER ALERT: beneath the Harlequin's feet is a highly polished

angled mirror in which you can read "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU" below which is your own image!)


The free-standing piece measures 490mm high by 282mm. The base has a depth of 175mm.

Made from a rare 1939 hardback copy of 'Photography Today', materials include a genuine Bisque miniature dolls head (these are very expensive and getting very hard to find), camera advertisements from 1927, a vintage postcard and an old Ordnance Survey map of Devon and a sepia Devon scene from a 1927 guide book. Ideal for any vintage-minded photography enthusiast. Opened out fully the piece measures 282mm x 223mm (11.1 x 8.8 inches) and can be displayed on a shelf fully or partially opened or left on a coffee table closed and to be discovered!

'Archibald Takes Up Photography' is an altered book assemblage using all original vintage materials. (Sir) Archibald Muncie was a world traveller and inventor of some rather dubious machines! (See 'Word Power') He lived in deepest Devon in the beautiful south West corner of England and here he has just discovered the wonders of photography. We see him peeping out through the book's cover, which, when opened, depicts him him scouting around North Devon looking for beautiful scenes to photograph with his new camera!

'Archibald Takes up Photography'

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