As a boy I loved to explore how things worked by taking them apart and the child in me still likes to dismantle, dissect, enquire and play.  Vintage dolls, toy parts, photographs, unwanted and sometimes broken objects are now liberated and reborn as part  new artworks in my 'Re-imagined World'.

"I love to give new life and meaning  to everyday items through the creation of my assemblage pieces."

The components may have originated hundreds of miles apart but in my studio they are  woven into a new whole, with new meaning.  Whether these creations have a real or imagined story attached it is sometimes better left to the beholder's own imagination to decide!

The unique and unusual ‘elements’  used in my artworks are largely sourced from my own and inherited collections - a lifetime interest in the weird, wonderful and otherwise 'useless things'.

Assemblages recently sold to collectors


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