preparing for the shoot


preparing for your photo-shoot

To ensure the shoot runs smoothly Jan has put together a check-list which you may find helpful to use  prior to our visit.

Remember - great images start with good preparation and you will need to get your home ready anyway for those all-important viewings. If you really want to create a ‘wow’ then do check out Jan’s
‘Star Property’ tips.


Garden tidy up: mowing the lawn, trimming shrubs, weeding

Move vehicles out of sight

Move rubbish bins, garden tools, hoses etc out of sight

Sweep paths and driveways, terraces and decking

Consider if you want any children’s toys, trampolines etc in the shots if not please remove them.

Arrange garden furniture with lifestyle in mind - think drinks on the terrace, sunbathing round the pool or relaxing in a shady spot.

Star Property Tip:   Fill baskets and tubs with seasonal colour and spread fresh mulch


Hide away pet bowls and toys

Clear any clutter from counter tops - all food should be stowed away

Hide away cleaning materials and cleaning cloths

Tidy any open shelving

Remove photos, ‘stickies’ and magnets from your fridge front and cabinets

Star Property Tip:  Fill a bowl with fresh seasonal fruit or display a freshly baked cake - (We carry photo-realistic fruit to the shoot)

Interior - general points

Remember clutter can make your home appear as if you do not have enough storage space so clear this away but beware as there is a fine balance between clutter and making the home look too spartan and ‘unlived-in’ - Jan will help if you are unsure what to clear and what to leave.

As a general rule:

Only have things on display that are visually pleasing - think what would appeal to you or put you off if it were you viewing.

Open curtains and blinds - some blinds may be left angled or closed for privacy

Clean windows and floors

Check that your lamps and lights are working as we sometimes turn these on for the photograph.

Turn off TVs and computer screens

Clear piles of old newspapers and magazines

Contain all pets away from areas to be photographed

Star Property Tip:Display fresh flowers, light fire in living room at the appropriate times of year


A bedroom is a very personal space, please consider carefully what you want left visible. Make the beds and put clothes away.

Tidy and store away children's toys.

Clean surfaces of clutter - but not of everything - a few nice bottles of perfume or jewellery rack can look appealing and help turn the feel of the shot from ‘house’ to ‘home’.

Don’t forget the space under the bed, unless it is covered by a bedspread the camera and any viewers will be able to see underneath it!

Star Property Tip:A selection of reading material by the bed or some fresh flowers on the dressing table, give a great impression.

Dining Room

Clear away any clutter that has migrated here

Straighten table and chairs

Add a centrepiece such as fresh flowers, plant or candles

Star Property Tip:Set the table for a dinner party

Bathrooms & Loos

Like the bedroom, bathrooms often contain highly personal items, so please consider what you are leaving on view. Clear away excess toiletries - not everything, we don’t want to make it to look like a show home.  (Jan will advise if you are unsure)

Make sure these rooms are sparkling clean

Pay special attention to mirrors

Display fresh clean towels, wet towels and flannels are not a good look

Star Property Tip:A display of good quality soaps and  toiletries not only looks good but smells great

If you are unsure about anything then do give Jan a call and she will be more than happy to advise you.

Jan also runs ‘So-organised’ a professional styling and de-cluttering service which you may find helpful.

Visit Jan’s website HERE


We use high definition equipment so dirty or streaky windows have a habit of catching the light and can spoil an otherwise great shot of your room.

Please pay special attention to windows and do your best to ensure they are clean on the day of the shoot.